January 9th - 10th, 2020
9:00am - 6:00pm In Vancouver
January 9th - 10th, 2020
9:00am - 6:00pm In Vancouver
Join Us At The Most Transformational Event Of The Year:
Influence 2020 
2-Day Live Event
Influence 2020
We will train you to create powerful global influence and meaningful change on the planet through proven processes.
* limited to only 75 spots * - register now to ensure your spot!

Influence 2020: a 2-day powerful road map designed to support you in becoming the influencer you’re meant to be – all while giving you the practical “know how” to put systems in place that support creating much needed change for your clients and the planet.
What You Will Experience at Influence 2020:

How to Create a Powerful Message and Offering

How to Grow and Monetize YouTube and LinkedIn Platforms

How to Merge Spirituality and Business
(for Real)

Steps to Break Through What Holds You Back from Mass Impact

Steps to Develop Joint Venture Partnerships

Step Into Your Authentic Purpose and Vision for the next decade

Identifying Your Mind Type as an Influencer

How to Create Global Impact through the TEDx Platform, Speaking & Writing 

Identify the 7 Spiritual Gifts of Entrepreneurs 

Karen McGregor
Founder and CEO of the Speaker Success Formula, Karen has shared the stage with Deepak Chopra, John Gray, Tony Robbins and other luminaries. She supports entrepreneurs to create the systems and structures necessary to grow and monetize their businesses through speaking and live and online events. Her book “The Tao Of Influence” will be released with a US publisher in June of 2020.
During Influence 2020 Karen will share how to:
  • Create a powerful message and offerings that generate impact and income
  • ​Create Global Impact by creating and delivering a TEDx talk, by speaking your powerful message, and by writing and marketing a book
  • ​Use Ancient Wisdom Principles to Become a Person who Affects Change on the Planet
  • ​​Merge Spirituality and Business (for Real)
  • ​ Activate the 7 Spiritual Gifts of Entrepreneurs
  • ​ Step Into Your Authentic Purpose and Vision for the next decade
Jon James
Jon James is a Forbes contributor and Managing Partner of the Ignited Results digital marketing agency headquartered in Reno, Nevada.
Jon specializes in positioning his clients as thought leaders within their fields and getting them featured in major media. Jon James leverages social media to help his clients systematically increase leads and generate sales. Jon's mission is to help 100 people gain 1,00,000 online followers in 2020.
During Influence 2020 Jon will share how to:
  • Get featured as an EXPERT in USA Today and other major media outlets.
  • ​Leverage the Three Types of Media to Build MASSIVE Influence
  • ​Leverage LinkedIn to quickly build your email list
  • ​Use LinkedIn To Generate an Unstoppable Flow of Leads
  • ​Systematically attract high-quality referral relationships
  • ​Optimize your LinkedIn profile to increase sales
  • ​Appear at the top of nationwide search results on LinkedIn
Jay Fiset
Jay Fiset is a global expert in Joint Ventures. The recipient of the Click Funnels 2 comma club award, he created a funnel that generated over 1 million in sales and has built multiple 7 figure businesses. He is currently in the midst of creating a groundbreaking business relationship-building platform driven by AI. Jay is dedicated to igniting a global movement of Conscious Creators and supporting people to organize their life and resources around their passions and gifts.
During Influence 2020 Jay will share how to:
  • Develop a JV Mindset that supports your mass influence with JV partners and clients
  • ​Tap into the NATURAL FLOW of your ideal clients Journey creating unlimited lead flow
  • ​Connect, contribute and leverage existing communities to supercharge YOUR business
Deidre Sirianni
Deidre Sirianni is a TedX Speaker, Spiritual Guide, and an Activator for Truth, Human Awakening and Impact Entrepreneurship. She is the founder of Radically Aligned Life and an Accelerated Evolution Guide who believes the foundation of everything comes down to living in alignment with your purpose and truth. Her work dissolves mental, emotional and physical barriers that pull people out of alignment with their higher purpose and from living it fully. She supports impact driven entrepreneurs to reach their next level of influence, impact, and success through blending the metaphysical laws and tools with the practical for accelerated results. Her mission is to wake as many people up in her life to the truth of who they are and who they are meant to be.
During Influence 2020 Deidre will share how to:
  • Release the blocks that are in the way of you receiving the abundance, influence and impact you desire in your life and business.
  • ​Identify the top physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual blindspots that are causing stress, anxiety, and a lack of results and fulfillment in your life and business.
  • ​Overcome these blindspot challenges and begin taking action to create more abundance, fulfillment and impact in all areas of life at an accelerated rate.
Ridgely Goldsborough
Ridgely Goldsborough is the best-selling author of 17 books and speaker to high level CEO’s and entrepreneurs. He has owned and built over 40 companies and believes in making sense out of things and clarifying and simplifying them for others. An expert in emotional intelligence, Ridgely helps people discover their Mind Type, the essence of who they are, to better express themselves and attract ideal clients who turn into raving fans. He is passionate about helping you discover YOU and taking YOU to an entirely new level.
During Influence 2020 Ridgely will share:
  • What's your Mind Type, the essence of who you are!
  • ​What is your Superpower and your Kryptonite!
  • ​How to use Mind Type keywords to connect with peoples' hearts.
  • ​How to express your Mind Type with limbic messaging that drives people into action.
  • ​And much more--interactive, compelling, empowering and fun.
Join Us At Influence 2020!
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  • 1 Bonus Ticket To Vision 2020
One Time Investment
  • VIP Ticket For Influence 2020
  • 1 Bonus Ticket To Vision 2020
  •  Front Row Seating at the Event
  •  Private Intimate Dinner with the Speakers
  •  Get Your BIGGEST Questions Answered By The Experts in a LIVE "Hot Seat"!
Register now and receive *Vision 2020*, a live online training to support you in clarifying and implementing your 2020 vision to enter the next decade with purpose, power and clarity. (Recorded if you cannot attend live). 

Value: $300. Your Gift Today with Your Influence 2020 Registration!
Event Testimonials:
Karen truly has changed my life. Of all the influencers I have had the privilege of connecting with, her words have impacted me the most. I went through a  process of reflection and development based on what I’ve learned from Karen which resulted in a lot of clarity, a new sales stack, and an especially powerful epiphany moving forward. I broke through! Thank you Karen, I deeply appreciate your work.

Jennifer Henczel,
Founder of Inspired Influencers
Both my husband and I took Karen’s Training together last year. Within 48 hours, Tom had a talk and applied Karen’s teachings to sell $4200 worth of tickets to 25% of the audience. As well, I am now earning more money per month than I earned in my corporate job by using Karen’s tools and systems. Thank you Karen!

Jennifer Windsor
Access Consciousness Facilitator
Tom Lewis
Profit Mastery Mentor and Financial Advisor
The days I spent at Karen’s event were absolutely amazing! I was given the tools to create my signature talk that will greatly enhance my business and communication skills. Karen made the experience fun and easy to learn!

Thanks so much Karen!

Sharon Ballantine
Seattle, Washington, United States
The hands-on course has given me power to be myself by speaking from my heart. Although I had to go deeper and deeper to find my signature talk, all the opportunities were blessings and I was able to find what I needed to do with Karen’s gentle yet clear direction. I also feel that I am very fortunate that all the attendees were very supportive, which led us to create continuous relationships. A bonus was the fun with a lot of laughs!!! Even if you feel extremely shy or terrified to be in front of people like I was, if there is something you want to speak up about, this course will help you move forward to make your dream come true.

Sono Sugimoto
Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada
I want to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for this program! What I received was priceless and it was exactly what I needed to learn and experience at the perfect time. You have a one of a kind gift with how you combine training, connections and fun. I love how you took your proven speaking process and broke it down into actionable steps that I could implement right away!

Devani Freeman
Seattle, Washington, United States
Karen showed me how small changes in my signature talk can increase the connection level with my audience exponentially. Karen helped me to leverage my unique perspective, voice and knowledge to communicate more clearly with the people I serve so that they are immediately inspired to work with me!

Shannon Ward
CEO, On-Track Sales Mastery
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