Sept 22
Top 10 Tips to Turn Your Talk Into a Webinar
Today I want to share with you how to take your talk – that one powerful talk you use over and over again on stage and turn it into a webinar.

But before we launch into those tips, here’s a great secret you’ll want to keep in your back pocket. If you have a powerful talk that inspires, educates and sells, you are well on your way to having a successful webinar. The number one reason your webinar will get you results is if you already have a proven talk that works. My students across Canada and the US have been thrilled to watch their talks transformed into webinars so that they can be both on stage and on line.

So ready for the tips? We’ll start with a few presentation must-do’s and move into strategy to get you the best results possible. Here we go with a countdown:

Tip #10.  Voice matters even more in a webinar than a talk; you MUST have a captivating voice, so practice having more variation of pitch and emphasize certain words more. Be sure to vary your volume somewhat but not as much as you do on stage since the volume control isn’t as good. Pace is important – you want to vary it somewhat, but in a webinar, practice a pace that isn’t too slow since attention span is short; since you are not in front of them, you may lose them with a slower pace.

Tip #9. Stand up if at all possible – the energy you have on stage is gone as soon as you sit down. Have your laptop with slides someplace where you can stand up and bring that full energy of a speaker to the webinar. It’s a little more tricky to set up but it can be done!

Tip #8. Have someone handle your technology requirements. This is a big one for me and I’ve learned hard lessons! Some people have no problem running both the webinar and the technology – which is not hard to learn but can be very distracting when you are switching slides and especially if you have your camera on and want to maintain eye contact with your audience. Having someone else handle questions the listeners have or be part of the conversation via chat is vital. It’s also vital for your sales as you may have some people who want to buy your product and have questions about it but have to exit the webinar early.

Tip #7. PowerPoint Slides should have very little text and an engaging image. People respond more to story and metaphor than they do to a litany of facts so vary up your powerpoint slides to have some that are content heavy but most that demonstrate only ONE well supported idea; you need to change things up more on a webinar than you do on stage, so be sure that you don’t spend too long on one image or one point; it’s kind of like being on a radio interview – answer the question in a way that shows your expertise but does not have the audience saying “Get on with it!”

You will lose over half of your listeners if you do this in your webinar.

Tip #6.  The Problem presented in the webinar needs to be kept top of mind and you need to remind people of the problem as you present the solutions; why? Over half of your webinar attendees come into the webinar late and if you are only offering the solution without repeating the problem then they will not only enter late but leave early. In our Rock the Stage Speaking program we always like to say, No Problem, No Talk. In this case, No Problem, no webinar. Our brains are designed to thrive on improvement and overcoming challenge so be sure to constantly engage people in this way.

Tip #5. Give a gift for those who stay on until the end and have them connect with your company in order to receive the gift – make it easy and offer it AFTER you’ve completed your webinar – almost at the very end so people can decide whether they want you to be their mentor and buy your product. Remember to remind listeners of the gift early on in your webinar as well as in your marketing of the webinar – you don’t need to go into great detail about the gift – a little bit of mystery is always a great thing – just make sure it’s valuable and can be used immediately by your listeners whether they buy from you or not.

Tip #4.  If you have bonuses for your offer I highly recommend that you announce that you offer bonuses throughout the remainder of the webinar. Remember, your potential clients may have to exit your call early and if they believe there are more bonuses coming, they will stay on to see what those are.

The upside to speaking live is that people listen to your entire talk and offer; the challenge with a webinar is keeping people on long enough to get there. Another idea is to have a limitor for one or more of your bonuses – for the really great bonus you might have a time limitor “for the next 15 minutes” I’m going to reward fast action takers by giving away this gift “>>>>>”.

Tip #3. Create urgency. There are millions of webinars happening all over the world, but far fewer live events; so the urgency for people to say YES to your offer is much lower on a webinar than it is on stage. Be aware that on a webinar, little or no urgency means no sales. A Time limitor is great for urgency as I just mentioned, but you might also have a limited number of spots available for a private session with you or a product that you rarely offer as a bonus.

Tip #2. Review your offer more than once – remind people what they are getting with their investment – you don’t need to do this on stage as much because they have an opportunity to talk to your staff and to you after your presentation, but they may not get that direct access on the webinar. People are also not as attentive on a webinar because they are surrounded by the distractions of daily life, so make sure to slow down slightly during the offer to be sure people understand what they are receiving.

Tip #1. Build your Brand by Being Yourself; be real and authentic on the webinar – laugh at your own jokes, lighten up and laugh at yourself a little – the listeners want to know there’s a human behind  the screen – that’s why more and more people are choosing to use the webcam feature as people can see both your slides and your face, making for a more human experience. Also, be sure to tell your core story and other stories of clients as stories also connect to your brand and help people to see you as a mentor, someone they can get to know, like and trust.

Thanks for investing your time today to learn these valuable tips. Please leave a comment below and let us know what you are going to do differently on your webinars as a result of watching this video.

Until then, Speak Your Truth, Love Your Audience, and Live Your Message Today.
  Aug 15
3 Secrets to Selling When You Can’t Sell on Stage
One of the most frequent questions that I get from both beginning and seasoned speakers is… what do I do when I am not allowed to sell so that I can still continue to grow my business? The reality is that you do want to have at least 80 percent of your opportunities to speak be the type that allow you to make an offer, but I am a big believer that your strategy with the remaining 20 percent of your speaking opportunities is critical to also expanding your business and vastly increasing your income and impact.

You see, I help thousands of people to sell from the stage with a talk that invites the audience to work with them or buy the product in a graceful and seamless way all the way THROUGH the talk – so even if an offer is not made, you are still able to attract new clients and more sales.

Now to be sure, This is not a hit the customer over the head process with how great you are and how amazing your product is. In fact, I NEVER mention the name of our programs during my own talks and I train my students that it’s not necessary to do that in order to sell effectively and doing to much of that makes you appear needy and pushy.

So today I’m going to share with you how to get over the frustration of putting a lot of time and effort into a talk and feeling that there was no outcome for your business other than visibility. Let me tell you I love visibility just as much as the next person, but it’s never been known to pay the bills; so let’s get you making both impact AND income, shall we?

Step 1: Have an exceptional talk that incorporates a carefully designed structure that helps your audience know, like and trust you AND want to work with you further. The mistake most people make is educating without any thought of what helps their audience to see them as the go-to expert that will solve the problem NOW, not 2 years from now.

As an example – most speakers throw together their talk with what they consider to be great content. But Here’s a little known industry secret: Not ALL content is the right content to share with your audience – the content has to leave people feeling that they learned a ton AND could use your services to fill in the missing pieces. You see most of us on the information highway get millions of bits and pieces that are helpful, but very little full on step by step strategy and systems.

And that’s where you come in. Your system or process helps solve a problem by pulling together all the bits and pieces.

Step 2: Have a system to give away a gift that continues the relationship. Some of you are thinking – but I can’t do that many strategy sessions! Don’t worry – my speciality is to help students to stop the insanity of 1-1 so that they can serve many people at the same time. Why not gift a webinar or free evening talk? Why not gift 2 or 3 fabulous pieces of content and add your webinar or free talk as a bonus for sighing up for the free gift?

Step 3:  Be sure that your gift is one that people really want and that will serve them well even if they never buy from you. Whether you offer something free or paid, the value must be present or you will never be known as an expert in your field. A poor quality gift does not start the relationship off on the right foot. Have you ever received a gift from someone and been put off because the gift clearly does not align with your values or who you are as a person? It feels like the person giving it really doesn’t know you. That’s the same for our audience. You need to do your research before creating the gift and offering it. You need to know that it solves a problem your audience in invested in solving.

In terms of technology to get that gift out to your audience, I’m really excited to share what I do.

One of my favorite ways for people to get access to my free gifts is by texting into a service that allows me to give instant access to the gifts right there at the event.

If you want to receive access to our “how to land dream speaking gigs video and PDF” PLUS “what to say when you only have 5 minutes or less that leads to more clients and more sales” – just text this toll-free number: 1-844-293-3331 if you are in the US and if you live in Canada the number is: 1-844-763-3330.

Again the number to dial in to get these 3 gifts in the US is


and in Canada 1-844-763-3330.

Leave a comment below to let us know what strategies you will use or insights you’ve gained. We love connecting with action takers so please connect with us here.

Until then, Speak Your Truth, Love Your Audience, and Live Your Message Today!
July 29
The Story You Are Not Aware Of (that takes you from good to great as a speaker)
All speakers have a core story that clearly needs to be part of every talk, whether speaking for 20 minutes or 2 hours. However, there is a second story that often runs in the subconscious and guides you to behave a certain way on stage or say wise things, as though you are channeling something far greater than your mind can come up with.

It shows in the way you pause, look at people intently, connect with them. It shows in your passionate energy, your silence, or your moments of rage (yes anger is healthy to show on stage to wake people up to an injustice).

This story is one that is vital to excavate if you are to go from an average speaker to a great speaker. Sometimes, you may not even tell this story; it just runs in the background and brings power to your message and presence on stage. But make no mistake, whether you choose to tell it or not, it is part of who you are; it is the big why of your choice to be a speaker and share your message.

This underground story often has a theme to it. It can be encapsulated in one word; the real truth of why you speak. Mine is Silenced. I have several stories experienced as a young child and a teenager that forced me into silence. It became painful to speak in class, to speak to people I didn’t know, to voice my opinions for fear that others would disapprove and then leave me. For years deep wisdom never left my mouth because of being silenced, and as a result, I did not help those that could have used that help. I did not achieve my potential in my work. I was not seen as a bright shining star, but more like a dim flicker now and then. My courage to be who I really was had left me.

I’m not sure that there was a defining moment in breaking through the silence, but I do clearly remember seeing Tony Robbins for the first time, so passionate and powerful in his message, holding nothing back. I knew for the first time at 28 years old that I would one day be a speaker. I felt a direct soul calling to speak without knowing why. I realize now after many years of personal development work that the urge to break through the silence was at play 2 decades ago as it still is today. The big difference today is that I use this injustice of being silenced to help me be more of who I am on stage; to bring out the vast aspects of what it means to be human, vulnerable and a messenger.

I used it to give others hope that they can do the same and break through their own silence.

Examine moments and years in your own life that seem to create a theme or a thread as to why you speak and what drives you to share your message or product. You may just find the silent thread of why you do what you do and what makes you a gift to the world.
June 16
Make Money with Your Message: 5 First Steps to Financial Freedom for Speakers and Enterpreneurs
I so wish that I knew this before I started my decade long journey of struggle as an entrepreneur and speaker! If you have a message that you want to get out into the world but you don’t know how to monetize it so that you can do what you love and get paid for it, listen up. I’m going to share with you the first five steps you need to have in place before you can make big money and a big difference to your tribe.

1. Laser Clear Focus on What Your Message is;
most people approach this from a lofty and big-world viewpoint, but what I’m about to share with you is the opposite approach because it works for me and many others who have huge success in speaking; work with the core problem experienced daily by your ideal client – the everyday struggle. When you are able to combine your passionate message with the solving of this very specific core problem, you’ve already established much of the foundation for clarity in your message.

2. Flesh out your message via your story and the stories of your clients; stories are what most people ignore in the creation of a message designed to both make an impact and sell. Allow your story and testimonial stories to stand as proof that you are the right person to be telling and selling.

3. Testing your message in the real world.
Are you using language that appeals to the people that are going to hear it? Do they actually use those words inside their minds daily as they think about their challenges? This is key to marketing but also to having a message that people will want to learn more about and see the need for.

4. Creating a Signature Talk with your core message and an Offer:
This is what Rock the Stage specializes in and it’s something you absolutely need to learn – the systems and strategies behind a talk that sells and inspires, while educating your ideal client and helping them to move forward in their lives.

5. Booking your Signature Talk:
Go to associations and meet ups and organizations that have conferences and lunch and learns… speak as frequently as possible and make your offer as often as you can, wherever you can. This will generate tons of revenue to get you on the path to freedom in your business and allow you to choose your own schedule, delegate and spend your time doing what you are born to do, rather than what you are forced to do.
May 6
The #1 reason you Will Succeed as a Speaker
People often ask what is the secret to my success as a speaker… and sometimes I have less than 10 seconds to answer that question if I’m at a meeting or in the elevator or have a line up of people waiting to talk to me after an event.

So the quick version to this, as simple as it may sound, is this: when a speaker understands that there is a system to their success which involves more than being a good or even a great speaker; when the speaker approaches speaking as an entrepreneur who has a business with a message (and not a message without a business or business idea), then the chances of that speaker succeeding is very high.

Here’s why: a message all on it’s own serves a singular purpose which is the first level of the onion aka your ideal client. But if that onion has layers that want and need to be revealed, it can only happen within the context of an offering that takes those people to another level. If you want to simply entertain, then go for stand up comedy; if you want to simply educate, then be a teacher; if you want to simply inspire, then be a motivational presenter; but if you want long lasting impact for your clients and your audience, then  you need to have a talk that is structured in a way that  they receive those things (Laughter, connection, education and inspiration) but they are also guided to realize that the very thing that they’ve been hoping to solve in their life is exactly what you have to offer – (and offered with much more depth than the talk).

When you craft a talk to share with the world (On-stage and on-line) that actually helps to solve a problem AND help the audience say YES to you helping them solve the bigger, wider, more challenging problem at hand, then you will succeed as a speaker.

It’s important to get the right mentoring for this type of talk, and that’s why we are excited to offer our next Rock the Stage event in Vancouver – click here for more information on how to get started with  some free training!

 April 18
If Content is King, why is it not getting results?
Are you tired of giving away tons of info and not getting any business from it?

Do you feel that people don’t appreciate all the valuable information you offer enough to make a purchase?

If so, read on, what I’m about to tell you may very well change your reality for good.

When you are speaking, the content you provide should not just be any content. There are reasons that your content will fail to get people interested, engaged and willing to buy.

First, you are likely not presenting the right content. The right content means that it positions your knowledge – not just general knowledge the audience can extract from an article in a few mintues on google search, but real depth of knowledge. I always say to my clients, it’s important to go Deep not Wide! 52 tips to Business Success was successful in the 80’s but now people are looking for more meat, more implementable steps, more unique positions or angles on the content. We are in an age of very savvy consumers who are guided to true expertise, not some general fluff.

The second reason your content may not be getting you results is because it does not lead to the realization that there is a much greater problem needing to be solved by the end of the talk. As an example, I worked with a nutritionist who wanted to share the top 10 foods that people should avoid consuming as the basis of her talk. What she quickly realized is that the audience will not feel motivated to solve the bigger problem at hand – which is being addicted to these foods and how to overcome these addictions with more ease and success.  They would feel that they have quite simply learned a “Tip” versus knowing that the process of change requires mentorship and a system. Even if she hammered home this point while making her offer, the results are not the same because all along the audience believes they can manage this change themselves and are not as receptive later on in the talk to the idea that they may need support.

In the case of the nutritionist’s positioning of her talk,  the mistake of going wide with her message versus deep prevents her from being seen as a true expert. Not only is it impossible to go into any depth and establish expertise with the audience in an hour or two with 10 major foods to avoid, but  worse yet, the audience gives up hope of change because the “possible” change now becomes the “impossible reality”.

A third mistake with content is when it truly fails to solve a problem you promised in your marketing or in the introduction of your talk. It does not provide a specific solution to the problem you told the audience you would help to address. When this happens, your audience quickly loses faith that you are the right person to guide them through the trials and challenges they will face as they go through the “ring of fire” to the light of transformation. The reason many speakers make this mistake is because they consciously or subconsciously are worried about giving away too much. They are worried that they will give away the big secret and be left with an audience who has enough of the answer, never buying the transformation offered in the product or service.

I can share with you after working with hundreds of speakers both in groups and 1-1 that your depth of content is never the problem. If you choose content that gives away your entire system or formula, that would take days to deliver, so it’s unlikely that you could do this in an hour’s presentation or 90 minutes even if you tried. However, if you choose one step in that system to deliver as your content, or the first 2 steps of 10, that demonstrates your expertise during the time you have as well as positions the need for your product.

And that is good news!

Until next time,

Speak Your Truth, Love your Audience and Live your Message Today.
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